Mission Bharat

Collaborated efforts For Viksit Bharat 2047

1. Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji, gave a clarion call for Viksit- Bharat by 2047 on the occasion of 75th Independence Day of the country, envisioning a nation free from colonial mindset finding its place of pride amongst the developed nations of the world.

2. Government of India has launched national missions and programmes for transforming the country into a developed economy with enhanced quality of life for its citizens coupled with socio-economic development and pride in cultural diversity of the country, with a goal to find a rightful place in the community of nations.

3.  Mission Bharat is a collective effort by the Change Agents of India to realize the vision of the respected Prime Minister’s VIKSHIT BHARAT 2047.

4. The change agents of Mission Bharat will drive the national Missions and programmes of Government to the last mile and through this ensure delivery and connect with beneficiaries thus achieving the desired objective of having a developed nation.

5. There have been voluntary initiatives driven by cause national development with an objective of having prosperous, empowered and secure country. One such initiative to understand developmental aspiration of the country was SAMPOORN BHARAT YATRA 2018-19, which was supported by nationally oriented citizens and organizations. The Yatra covered 153000 km spread across 28 States and 5UTs covering all the regions of the country.

6. Citizen led voluntary initiatives have provided important insights into the development aspirations of citizens of country.

7.  Mission Bharat will use Citizen led voluntary initiatives to drive Government Missions and programmes through social connect for moving towards Viksit Bharat 2047.

8. Mission Bharat is a coalition of organizations for nation building which will work in all 766 districts were created keeping in mind, which is the means of reaching all 29 schemes or plans by the Government of India to every fellow Indian!

9.  So that more beneficiaries can take advantage of these important schemes from time to time and contribute to fulfil the goal of a developed India by making India prosperous, secure and empowered!

10. Activities under Mission Bharat will be mapped and monitored through a dedicated Mission Dashboard.

11. Connecting people through Mission Bharat App and presenting details of beneficiaries, activities and feedback on the dashboard.

12. The activities in identified focus areas would be implemented in all 766 districts of the country through a time bound action plan. These activities will be implemented through SAKHI (Social Assistance for Knowledge and Humanitarian Inputs) and SAKHA (Social Assistance for Knowledge and Humanitarian Action) working at District level with the coordination of local authority.

13. The funds for activities under Mission Bharat will be mobilized from Government, businesses under CSR, charities, philanthropies and donations etc. For example, PSUs linked with delivery / implementation of National Missions will be requested for providing support under their CSR initiatives.